RC Satellite + Entertainment is a small business specializing in satellite TV and home theater installation. Basically, they're the experts in all things home entertainment. When branding RC Sat, it was important to find a unique spin within a saturated industry. Many installers and service providers in the home entertainment field use similar identity elements when defining their brand. My research in the local market revealed that this similarity most frequently appeared in the form of shiny, dimensional swooshes. I wanted to steer the company away from this approach so that a qualitative distinction could be seen within the brand's DNA.

To find a unique foundation for their look, I was inspired by antique electronics labels. You know. The ones you find on the back of that radio at the flea market. Or that old TV in your grandfather's attic.  Those labels often have an array of interesting icons, shapes and strings of numbers that scream vintage. The end result is a unique brand that offers a tongue in cheek nod to bygone days of analogue electronics. 

The project includes a functional invoice system for clerical purposes, technician uniform standards for warm and cold weather, vehicle concept and in-store poster concepts.