Mülü is the next big thing in the superfood industry. At least that’s what we wanted people to believe. I worked for Dairy Farmers of America to help develop a temporary brand identity that would be an integral part of a surprise stunt that took place on World Milk Day 2018. Through this, we launched an activation to generate awareness about an often overlooked grocery item—milk.

In order to create buzz-worthy interest, I was part of the team that launched Mülü (the next great, super trendy, obscure superfood). As part of the design process, I created a brand profile for the beverage that would create intrigue and garner engagement from influencers to media outlets. To do so, I wanted the product to feel modern, covetable and just plain cool. From this, Mülü was born. By pushing a trendy design to its greatest possible end I was able to create a brand that would entice with its cool factor and surprise with the simplicity of its contents.

From identity development to packaging to branded guerrilla art, we mobilized a street team on World Milk Day to canvas downtown Kansas City with posters, stickers and chalk spray paint.

Creative Direction: Corey Favier & Spencer Branham
Design: Scott Richards
Art Direction: Brandon Bennett
Writing: Tia Nowack

Watch the recap video (here)